While Kobani is Falling, Politics or Humanity?

The negligence and the reluctance of the international community to become involved in the Democratic Union Party (PYD) conflict with the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) in Kobani is now totally explicit. As the PYD states, in case of a sort of genocide of Kurds, the international community…

Book Reviews

Book Review: Armed Conflict and Displacement: The Protection…

28 March, 2014 | Admin

In 2010, Alexander Betts argued that it no longer makes sense to speak of the “refugee regime”. Instead, there is…a “refugee regime complex”, in which different institutions overlap exist in parallel to one another’. Melanie Jacques is the latest…

Book Review: Cultural Encounters in the Arab World:…

28 March, 2014 | Admin

Tarik Sabry’s Cultural Encounters in the Arab World: On Media, the Modern and the Everyday is, first and foremost, a fervent case made for the establishment of Arab cultural studies as a discipline. BY NAGIHAN HALILOGLU | OCTOBER 22, 2012 In the wake of…

Film Reviews

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

28 March, 2014 | Admin

Turning to a never-ending story because of the uncertainity about the director whether to be Guillermo Del Toro or or the director of The Lord of the Rings trilogy Peter Jackson and delays due to legal actions, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is out at last! BY ESRA COLAK | APRIL 30, 2013 In 1997, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy met more Turkish readers when it published in Turkish. After four years, the movie adaptations by the…

REVOLUTION: A Power Cut and the End of…

28 March, 2014 | Admin

Watching a TVseries is a great time investment compared to enjoying a movie. That is why, I feel quite picky before taking the risk of being a follower of several seasons. After watching NBC's new TV drama Revolution's trailer and reading about its plot a bit, I decided to take the risk. I watch it weekly ona new online archive TVYO and it has been riveting three episodes so far.  BY DR. ALAADDIN F. PAKSOY | APRIL 11, 2013 I am not going to…

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